Female Trainees Who Were Loved By The Public But Weren’t Picked By Shows

han chowon


It’s unfortunate to see some idol trainees unable to make it as the winning finalists of survival programs despite possessing all the qualities a star should have.

Ever since it has been revealed that all four season of ‘Produce 101’ have had votes manipulated, we can’t help but ask “what if?” given that there wasn’t any foul play.

But fortunately for some trainees, their appearance on survival programs have given them exposure to the public, allowing their talents to be recognized. They may not have been able to become the members of I.O.I, or  IZ*ONE, but they have not been forgotten by the people.

In fact, many fans are always supporting them in one way or another and are waiting for them to debut.

You can check some of them out below!


Han ChoWon

Many viewers of Produce 48 were in outrage and frustration when they discovered that Han ChoWon was eliminated, despite being so sure that the would be among the top finalists. She came in at 13th place, being very close to avoiding elimination during the final rounds.

han chowon



Go YuJin

If Go YuJin had any reason to be picked as a member of IZ*ONE, besides her obvious talent, it was also her visuals. And we all know that a strong visual is an important necessity for an idol girl group, which is why it is perplexing to think why someone who has such a unique and exotic beauty didn’t make it.

go yujin produce 48



Lee HaeIn

After being eliminated during the first season of Produce 101, she debuted as a member of I.B.I, but hasn’t been seen very often after. The last time we saw her active was when she appeared on Idol School.

lee haein