Find Out What Role f(x) Krystal Will Be Playing In Upcoming New Movie This Summer

fx krystal

f(x) member Krystal will be having a busy summer as she is reported to be playing the lead role in the upcoming movie ‘Shouts of a Father’.

SM Entertainment recently announced through Twitter that this will be Krystal’s first lead role while the film itself also marks the debut of director Choi HaNa.


Krystal plays the role of the main character To-Il, a bold and slightly reckless college student. To-Il can be best described as someone who does whatever she wants, whenever she wants, fearlessly. To-Il at some point gets into a passionate relationship and ends up becoming engaged. Shortly after, she discovers that she is pregnant and embarks on a quest to find out who the biological father of her baby is.

Based on the synopsis, the character that Krystal plays definitely sounds like an intriguing one.

‘Shouts of a Father’ is scheduled to be hitting the theaters this August.

Stay tuned for updates!