Find Out Which TXT Member Is SooBin’s Mother’s Bias


Big Hit Entertainment

TXT’s SooBin just couldn’t believe it when he discovered who his mother chose as her bias.

While it’s natural of him to assume that his mother would have chosen him as her bias, it seems that SooBin’s mother has a soft spot for someone else within the group.

It turns out that SooBin’s mother’s bias is none other than the group’s maknae Hueningkai.


Upon hearing the news, YeonJun, TaeHyun, and BeomGyu also couldn’t help but feel betrayed as well.

It’s hilarious enough that SooBin couldn’t win his mother’s affection in this scenario despite being her precious son, but with the rest of the TXT members in disbelief, we can’t help but applaud Kai for his popularity.