First Gorgeous Teasers of Leading Man Yang Se Jong for jTBC Sageuk My Country


The first teaser poster and preview is out for jTBC epic sageuk drama My Country and hoo boy it looks great! I didn’t ever think leading man Yang Se Jong could make my jaw drop with a turn towards warrior sexy but he certainly surprised me in the best way possible thanks to my low expectations. When My Country was announced earlier this year it felt such a long ways away so seeing the teasers this week and checking the premiere date of October it’s less than 2 months out, and summer of 2019 is basically over wow. The bigger name sageuk drama of this year Arthdal Chronicles is coming back in two weeks to finish up with the third season or final third of its run so My Country will have a clean competitor stake with no sageuk on the horizon when it airs. If Yang Se Jong looks this good already, I can’t wait to see the other leading man Woo Do Hwan‘s teasers.

Teaser for My Country: