First Official Stills of Agent Suzy in tvN Action Drama Vagabond


I’m sure this post will generate the usual Suzy is going to ruin the drama commentary and honestly it’s 50/50 that’s going to happen. In the meantime she’ll look very pretty onscreen even if she’s not emoting or emoting in the wrong way lol. The girl is here to stay in drama land and there is nothing arm chair casting agents can do other than hope she learns how to act better with each successive project which is my philosophy. Up next for Suzy is the tvN action thriller Vagabond reuniting with Lee Seung Gi after fantasy sageuk Gu Family Book. She plays a government agent and looks like she sauntered onto this set from the ending scene of Gu Family Book where her character reincarnates into a cop in modern life. Suzy will a gun will NEVER be believable even if she suddenly turns into Jeon Do Yeon level acting but I do like the vibe going on with this pictures, very idol girl cosplaying cop.