FNC Entertainment Confirms New Boy Group’s Debut In Summer 2020, 4 Years After SF9

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FNC Entertainment

FNC Entertainment will be debuting a new boy group this summer!

The boys who are part of the debuting group are said to have received systematic training and are the best among the best. FNC Entertainment mentioned that they have been preparing for the debut of the new group since last year. It is expected that starting from spring, the name of the new boy group, profile and contents will be revealed.

Adding on, FNC Entertainment also mentioned that in order to show off the new group’s talents and identity, they will be putting up a large scale promotion and many could anticipate for it. With that, it had gained a lot of attention from K-Pop fans.

It has been 4 years since the last debut of a boy group, SF9 and many are curious to see how the new boy group will stand out in the K-Pop industry.

Are you ready for the new boy group from FNC Entertainment?