Former X1 Center Kim YoHan Diving In To Acting: Good Or Bad Idea?

kim yohan


So now that X1 has disbanded, what will the former members be up to? It seems that for Kim YoHan, he has made up his mind to dive in to acting.

Reports have stated that Kim YoHan may be starring as the lead role in KBS’s upcoming drama ‘School 2020‘, which revolves around the story of high school students who have not yet tasted what reality is like in the world as an adult. s have revealed that his character will be a taekwondo athlete whose future becomes jeopardized due to an injury.

But here’s also another interesting thing.

Did you know that Kim YoHan was actually a national representative as a taekwondo athlete before appearing on Mnet’s ‘Produce X 101′?

It seems that the role is perfect for him and we’re excited to see how he will deliver as an actor.

However, given that he just got out of a group that was surrounded by a massive scandal, fans probably might be concerned about the moves that he makes next.

One question worth asking is, is Kim YoHan getting in to acting right now good timing? Given the nature of netizens to bring up celebrities’ past, there may be potential dangers in Kim YoHan’s acting career beginning and ending at the same time. Will the viewers take him seriously enough for him to secure a career as an actor? Of course, this largely depends on how well he delivers his performance. The only problem is, no one has ever seen him acting before.

The other option that comes to mind then is waiting it out. It seems rather somewhat of a desperate move for him to be jumping straight in to acting as soon as X1 disbanded. This is by no means criticizing him in any way, but rather bringing up the question of waiting until the aftermaths of the Produce X 101 voting scandal has faded before starting something new. But of course, the risks of waiting it out could also mean that he might become irrelevant in the scene if he stays under the radar for a long time.

While idols usually get in to acting later on in their careers, Kim YoHan’s path seems to be doing the opposite. How do you think this will play out?