G-Dragon Allegedly Failed Promotion To Corporal In The Military

g dragon

According to South Korean news agency Dispatch, BIGBANG member G-Dragon has failed to rank up as a corporal and is still a private-first class, despite having served for a period of eleven months.

This has been causing many South Korean netizens to criticize the K-Pop idol. Given that pretty much every male citizen has served in the military, they are well aware that failing to go up in the ranks indicates either a very problematic life as a soldier. And it’s no secret that the K-Pop idol has sparked a major controversy within the nation as many believed he was receiving special privileges and treatment. The photo below shows G-Dragon arriving at a pension run by his parents.


While military officials have declined to give any official statement regarding the reasons for the failed promotion, they have confirmed that the K-Pop idol is still currently a private first-class.

Many people are currently speculating that it is because G-Dragon has spent too much time on leave, nearly a third of his time in service, due to his ankle injury.

Stay tuned for updates!