Georgetown University Releases Statement Regarding Roy Kim & Sexual Misconduct Policy

roy kim

Singer Roy Kim, who is currently being scrutinized by the South Korean public after being revealed to have been a participant of Jung JoonYoung’s chat room where the distribution of explicit videos that were filmed through hidden cameras were taking place, recently arrived in South Korea to be investigated regarding whether he was involved in distributing the videos.

Roy Kim is also currently studying at the prestigious Georgetown University, but given the university’s strict sexual misconduct policies, he may end up being unable to graduate if he is found guilty of either distributing hidden camera videos or having filmed women without their consent.

So far, the singer has admitted to uploading a photo in the chat room, one which he did not take and got from the internet.

Georgetown University released an official statement saying that the university will be conducting their own investigations in to Roy Kim’s current legal troubles. Below is a statement released the university spokesperson Matt Hill.

“Georgetown is committed to making sure that reported cases of sexual misconduct are investigated and responded to promptly and thoroughly. We take this work extremely seriously and are committed to evaluating each case sensitively and fairly.”

Stay tuned for updates!