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In Korea, K-Pop is noted to be one of the biggest music genres but among many locals, some also enjoy indie music, underground rock or even soothing R&B genres.

Aside from K-Pop idols, you might have also noticed some artists such as Bolbbalgan4 and Paul Kim are popular for their head bobbing tracks and heartwarming voices. Today, Kpopmap is here to introduce another of such solo artist, HARU, who had just released her single ’24’ on July 11.

Check out her lyric video for ’24’ below!

If you have noticed the lyrics of ’24’, HARU touches on the thoughts that she has a normal 24 years old girl.

24 years old is usually the age when you begin to take on more responsibility and hesitating over the directions to take in life. To HARU, she thinks about the taking the steps to become an adult and wonders if she is ready to take on the challenges after becoming one. Sometimes she compares the pace she is taking and dislikes thinking about falling behind others.

After spending a day (which also means ‘haru’ in Korean), HARU finds herself still at the same spot and feeling lost.

Get To Know HARU, A Rookie R&B Singer Who Comforts Those Feeling Lost In Their 20s


HARU is an ordinary 24 years old university student who majors in Business Administration in Korea University. Since a day consists of 24 hours with both the day and night, HARU had decided to use the term ‘haru’ as her stage name.

She believes that in the day, people are filled with and perceive the day with positive ideas, love and heart warming emotions. However, when it comes to the night, darker emotions such as anxiety as well as sensitivity tend to overtake a person.

Living in both the day and night, HARU aims to become the artist who provides comfort and healing through her music.

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