Girls’ Day’s Bang Min-ah becomes makeup artist in stills from ‘Absolute Boyfriend’


Girl’s Day member and actress Bang Min-ah (also known simply as Minah) transforms into a passionate special effects makeup artist in her latest stills from the upcoming drama Absolute Boyfriend.

The new series tells the story of Eom Da-da, played by Bang Min-ah (Beautiful Gong Shim), a woman whose heart has been frozen by her several failed relationships in the past. Thus, she gets a humanoid robot called Zero Nine, that is tailor-made to become her perfect boyfriend. Yeo Jin-goo (The Crowned Clown) plays the character of Zero Nine, whom Da-da passionately calls Young-goo.

Absolute Boyfriend is Bang Min-ah’s first drama in three years. As Eom Da-da, her personality is very professional. She is used to doing things fast-paced, and everything she creates with her hands looks as real as they can be—from fake blood to a dead person’s corpse. She is outspoken when it comes to working and gets things done fast. In her stills from the drama below, Da-da seems to be taking a break from work or waiting for someone to arrive and meet her.

Photo Credit: SBS

According to a member of the drama’s production staff, Minah acts with passion and displays her emotion with utmost care. On the day the scene above was filmed, she herself was taking care of her co-actors, making sure that they are comfortable filming their parts.

Meanwhile, the drama also recently released the character stills of Yeo Jin-goo.

Absolute Boyfriend is a completely pre-produced drama that is adapted from a popular Japanese manga with the same English title. It will replace Big Issue on SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday slot beginning May 15 as one of the 10 new Korean dramas that will premiere this month.

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