Go Ara to lose significant amount of screen time in ‘Haechi’ due to injury


Actress Go Ara will be taking a break from Haechi due to a health concern, a from the drama announced on March 18.

Because of an ankle injury, the actress will not be seen in the series starting Monday next week until April 2. She will be gone in episode 27 through 32, a total of six episodes that are about 30 to 35 minutes long each, and will be resting for the meantime.

The explained, “The production crew thought it would be best for Go Ara to rest since she needs time to heal. The two parties agreed and she plans to return after her break. Her absence will have no negative effect on the story of Haechi.”

Go Ara injured her ankle when she was running for a scene she was filming on March 7. Despite what happened on set, she returned to shoot her parts on March 16. However, it was hard for her to work because she was in a wheelchair. As a result, the production team decided that she take time off to rest.

Haechi is currently airing every Monday and Tuesday on SBS. Set in Joseon dynasty, the historical drama follows four individuals who team up to fight injustice. Jung Il-woo plays an intelligent prince who is discriminated against for his mother’s lowly background and plans to succeed to the throne with the help of his close friends, including Go Ara’s character, a female police detective who is good at her job but faces criticism due to her gender.

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