Golden Child Travels Around Korea To Deliver Presents Directly To Goldnness

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Golden Child Official

It looks like Golden Child will be doing something different for Christmas this time!

On Dec. 24, it came to the attention of fans, Goldenness that the members of Golden Child are actually travelling around Korea taking airplanes, KTX train, subway and even bus to spread the holiday spirit by meeting their fans directly!

They also did not forget to tell the fans where they were heading to through their social media account.

SungYoon said that he was heading to ChangWon.

And JaeHyun mentioned that he would be heading to Gangnam.

Goldnness who had received the gifts directly from the boys were extremely excited and shared their review online too. One fan had kindly uploaded her experience of meeting member JiBeom!

Apparently JiBeom had headed to Busan and the fan shared that he had taken a plane and even took the inner city bus just to deliver the present to her.

Many who had seen the pictures could not help but found the actions sweet and loving! They also commented that they had just allowed their holiday spirits to feel even better than before.

Golden Child will be holding their 1st ever concert on Jan. 18 & 19 in Blue Square iMarket Hall.

Do you also wish Golden Child would deliver presents to you directly?