Golden Child’s BoMin & APRIL’s NaEun Cutely Choose Who Will Speak First At V HEARTBEAT

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2019 V-Live Awards “V HEARTBEAT” was held on Nov. 16. The interaction between Golden Child ‘s BoMin & April ‘s NaEun caught attention and was posted recently on an online community.

The two idols are also actors and they acted together in the drama “A-Teen 2“. On that day the two of them received the prize for Favorite Web Series Actors.

Fans noticed the way they decided who was going to make the speech first and that was adorable.

While sitting, they first did rock-paper-scissors and NaEun lost. Once on stage BoMin seemed to indicate to NaEun to start first her speech because she lost. They were smiling and pointing at each other to start first being considerate of each other. In the end, NaEun started first under BoMin’s bright smile.

Check their interaction in the video compiled by a fan below.

You can also check their speech at 44:30 below.

BoMin was also spotted helping his “noona” while she was struggling with her chair. He is a true gentleman.

Fans love the sweet interaction between BoMin and NaEun. Their friendship can clearly be seen from their interaction.

Do you find it cute too?