Goo Hara Currently In An Unconscious State After Suicide Attempt In Her Apartment

goo hara

South Korean actress and former KARA member Goo Hara recently shocked the nation as she made an attempt to take her own life inside her apartment on May 26th.

According to various reports from South Korean medias, Goo Hara uploaded an Instagram post with the caption “Goodbye”, causing her manager to be concerned about her. When her manager was unable to reach her after calling her, he reportedly rushed over to her residence located in Cheongdam, and discovered the actress in a state of unconsciousness inside a room filled with smoke.

Fortunately, her manager was able to get the emergency medical team in time to have her rushed to the hospital for treatment, approximately at around 12:40 AM KST. News reports have also revealed that the actress passed out at around 11:30 AM.

At the moment, the actress continues to remain in an unconscious state, but fortunately, reports have stated that her pulse and breathing are normal.

We hope for Goo Hara’s health and happiness to be restored once more soon again.

Stay tuned for updates!