Goo Hara’s Manager Opens Up After Actress’s Recent Shocking Suicide Attempt

goo hara

Just recently on May 26th, shocking news reports of actress and former KARA member Goo Hara attempting to commit suicide have been startling her fans.

Fortunately for her, her manager rushed over to her apartment and called the emergency medical response team just in time to have her rushed to the hospital  to be treated and stabilized. The actress is currently unconscious, but her breathing and pulse have been reported to return to its normal rate.

Goo Hara’s manager recently sat down for an anonymous interview with South Korean news agencies to talk about the recent event.

According to her manager, the actress has been struggling with depression. He stated:

“Recently, Goo Hara has been struggling with depression. We were aware that she was going through a tough time, and have been paying close attention to her, thinking of her well-being. When she didn’t answer her phone, I just had to rush over to make sure she was ok. But when I got there, I found her passed out on the floor.”

At the moment, several fans have been leaving encouraging messages on her social media accounts.

Our love goes out to the actress, in hopes of making a full recovery soon.