Good Witch (Nice Witch): Korean Drama Review

Good Witch (Nice Witch) Korean Drama Review

Good Witch Cast

Cha Sun-Hee – Lee Da-Hae
Cha Do-Hee – Lee Da-Hae
Song Woo-Jin – Ryu Soo-Young
Oh Tae-Yang – An Woo-Yeon
Joo Ye-Bin – Hye Jeong
Bong Cheon-Dae – Bae Soo-Bin
Bong Cheon-Ji – Ahn Sol-Bin
Byeon Ok-Jung – Geum Bo-Ra
Lee Moon-Sook – Yang Geum-Seok
Bong Cho-Rong – Lee Han-Seo
Kim Gong-Joo – Moon Hee-Kyung
Oh Tae-Ri – Yoon Se-Ah
Chae Kang-Min – Shim Hyung-Tak
Oh Pyeong-Pan – Lee Deok-Hwa
Gong Hyun-Joon – Choi Joon-Yong

Good Witch Synopsis

Identical twins Cha Sun-Hee and Cha Do-Hee have completely opposite personalities. Cha Sun-Hee is married and considers her family as the most important in her life. Her relationship with her mother-in-law is difficult which is common in South Korea but she is kind to her. She is also very close to her mother. She has a jolly kid but also has an irresponsible and jobless husband. She is compassionate and always helps others even if it means sacrificing her wants and needs.

Cha Do-Hee, on the other hand, is a career woman. Nothing is more important than her career. She is sophisticated, career-driven, cold and does not really care about others. She escaped poverty when she passed as a flight attendant and turned her back on her family.

One day, Cha Do-Hee comes to Cha Sun-Hee’s house almost unconscious and asks Cha Sun-Hee to pretend to be her and go to her work while she stays in the hospital. Cha Sun-Hee, being the kind and compassionate sister, agrees. There she pretends to be the strict and cold Cha Do-Hee but ends as a comedic flight attendant who does not know what to do. Her twin sister is unconscious so she relies on her wits how to handle the situation. She acts weird to her coworkers but they do not suspect her because she looks exactly like her sister. She met pilot Song Woo-Jin and upon learning that her sister likes him, she pretends to like him as well so as not to break her sister’s chance with him.

My Thoughts On Good Witch

Do you like conflicts in dramas? Then Good Witch will be a good choice for you. The plot is not really that original but it is still fun to watch due to conflict. This is also your typical Korean comedy-drama. Cha Sun-Hee here is a little confused with how she treats pilot Song Woo-Jin because first off, she is a married woman who only pretends to be her sister. They do have chemistry though. Cha Sun-Hee is a funny and kind woman and Song Woo-Jin is a serious and successful pilot. The pilot here looks so manly and I think it adds interest to the drama.

Good witch Song Woo-Jin

The actress is also good in transitioning from one personality to another. The appearance does not add justice to it though. The twins just look like one person. Even if Cha Sun-Hee is supposed to be poor and overworked, she still looks elegant and beautiful. Also, the reason why Cha Do-Hee became cold and abandoned her family is so shallow. She just abandoned them because they are poor and kind. Cha Sun-Hee remained to be poor to give way to her when they were about to enter college. She did not study college because they couldn’t afford two college students. It is for Cha Doo-Hee but she did not see it that way and is now ashamed of them.

Cha Sun-Hee’s character is not realistic in some instances. She is too kind that she looks like a fool sometimes, allowing other people to take advantage of her and that is annoying. Her poor situation is also due to her poor choices and always yielding to people.  In episode two, she got scammed and let her money spent by the scammer without taking legal action because the scammer’s son was sick. Sometimes I wish that she will be like her sister who is strong but not the selfish part.

The story became more interesting when Cha Sun-Hee pretended to be her sister. She was awkward and clueless because she never worked in a corporate environment before even though she also dreamed to become a flight attendant, wherein her twin was also against. Added with the burden on how to handle Song Woo-Jin, her days are becoming more colorful and tiresome. The pilot is determined not to get close to women. His mother even went as far as making his house a shared house with other women just to marry him off. But he suddenly became interested in Sun Hee and is in conflict with his own emotions.

The funnier part is that Cha Sun-Hee’s family does not know that she was flying so she comes up with ridiculous reasons not to get caught.

As of this writing, Good Witch has released 12 episodes so far and Cha Do-Hee is still unconscious. The plot will surely get more interesting once she wakes up and learns how her twin handled her job. Most likely, they will have a conflict because it looks like Song Woo-Jin is in love with Sun Hee. As I’ve said earlier, the plot is not really that unique and we can almost predict what is going to happen in the remaining episodes. I just hope they will make some twists to the plot to not make it so predictable.

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Good Witch (Nice Witch) Korean Drama Review