Halsey Speaks On Behalf Of ARMY After Recent BTS Interview Controversy


Just recently, BTS appeared on an interview with iHeart Radio, and were able to connect with fans.

However, there was a moment of slight tension momentarily when the interview host Elvis Duran asked the fans which one of the group members was most likely to mess up the choreography by mistake.

Some fans who were present alleged that many of the fans around them yelled out Jin and RM as their answers, which caused some fans to be angry at their own for not being supportive.

Pop star Halsey, had her own interview recently, and talked about what the issue at hand actually was all about, speaking on behalf of ARMY.

When Elvis Duran expressed concern over whether he may have offended ARMY, Halsey clarified that ARMY’s frustration during that moment was directed not at him, but rather the disappointment they felt when some of the fans surprisingly stated specifically which group members were likely to mess up during a performance.

Halsey stated:

“Okay I wanted to say something on that subject. I want you to know that it’s not you. They’re not upset with you.”

She added:

“I think it’s about maybe some of the other fans in the interview who had a name to say in a moment where they probably shouldn’t have, in a moment where they could have been really really supportive.”

And also reassured Elvis Duran as well.

“I hope they don’t mind me speaking on their behalf but it’s definitely not about you.”