Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In Pursue Tentative Romance in Teaser for MBC Drama Spring Night


A good romance, and I mean the serious and contemplative kind, remains elusively hard to effectively craft. You need both leads who generate onscreen chemistry and a story line that grounds the romance into something the viewers connect with and will root for. I’m wary for upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama Spring Night because female lead Han Ji Min plays an librarian who has a long time seemingly perfect boyfriend when the drama starts but then falls for single dad pharmacist played by Jung Hae In. Even if her current boyfriend turns out to be a douchebag I hope she breaks up with him first before exploring the budding attraction with Jung Hae In’s character. The teaser shows the two leads being very cautious and respectful in getting to know each other, like all PD Ahn Pan Seok dramas this promises to be a slow burn.

Preview for One Spring Night: