Happy BTS Filming Pics From OCN Drama The Guest Brings Solace to the Satisfied Viewing Soul


There’s probably a joke somewhere about a taxi driver, a priest, and a cop walking into a place together, but for OCN thriller drama The Guest it just means they are about to kick some supernatural baddie’s arse back to the depths of hell. The drama was excellent from beginning to end and honestly I can’t recommend it enough, even for those scared of horror this is worth watching if even done in the day time to lessen the goosebumps. The ending was one half hopeful and one half despairing that some baddies got away with it, but there will be a movie in the works (yes!) and reportedly OCN is considering a second season with how well this drama did in ratings. I’m just content to look at the batch of BTS photos to comfort myself that this was all just acting and everyone is doing fine after the harrowing ordeal onscreen.