Have You Watch “Arthdal Chronicles” Official Animation Teasing Part 4?

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If you watch “Arthdal Chronicles” on Netflix, you might have missed the animation teasing the content of a part 4.

In Korea, at the end of episode 18 (the final episode of part 3) there was an extra video after the crew pictures that was not on Netflix.

This video is about what will happen in the future of the drama including the war of Arthdal and the East/Ago tribe, EunSeom-Tanya encounter, EunSeom-Saya meeting, Tae AlHa’s baby, and Karika’s finding someone half-dead by the sea.

tvN did not post the integral video that was broadcasted that day. However, you can check the main part below.

Many are asking for a part 4. Do you also want a new season?