Hello Venus’ Yoo Young cast in ‘When The Devil Calls Your Name’


On April 9, it was announced that Yooyoung of the k-pop girl group Hello Venus will be returning to the small screen with tvN’s upcoming fantasy drama When The Devil Calls Your Name.

Jung Kyung-ho (Life On Mars) will be playing a famous songwriter named Harib, maker of several hits and a respected name in the music industry. What no one knows about him is the fact that he sold his soul to a devil in exchange for his talent and fame. When his contract with the devil nears its end, Harib must play a dangerous game to secure his soul. After discovering that his success comes at the cost of another girl’s happiness, he will take it upon himself to return her share of happiness and learn the essence of life. Park Sung-woong (The Smile Has Left Your Eyes) will star as the devil who operates through the body of an actor.

Yooyoung is set to play an idol star in the show. She is a former girl group-member-turned-solo-artist famous for her powerhouse vocals. Since she was a rookie, she has been close to Harib. Her character is described as accident-prone, and she constantly makes troubles for her manager and people around her, bringing a different energy to the drama. The singer-actress made her TV debut in 2013 with SBS’s Wonderful Mama and has since proved her acting chops through roles in movies as well as popular dramas like Who Are You: School 2015. She was last seen in Circle: Two Worlds.

When The Devil Calls Your Name is scheduled to be broadcast in the latter half of the year.

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