Here Is What Big Hit Has To Say About News Of BTS Suing Them


Big Hit Entertainment

Just recently, breaking news of BTS filing a lawsuit against their agency Big Hit Entertainment had everyone wondering just what was going on.

Reports from South Korean media JTBC claimed that the iconic global K-Pop group was in a dispute with Big Hit Entertainment over profit shares and distribution.

Big Hit Entertainment recently released a lengthy response to the news slamming JTBC for unethical methods of journalism.

And of course, Big Hit Entertainment has also firmly denied that the recent reports were true.

The agency stated that BTS, BTS’s parents, and themselves had no idea why JTBC would ever release such news, emphasizing that the media was seemingly trying to create some sort of divide between BTS and Big Hit by using misleading terms including “dispute” and “divided opinions”.

Big Hit Entertainment has also claimed that JTBC reporters entered their building without any authorization and secretly filmed footages as well. The agency claims that reporters barged in to their building and began to ask very one-sided questions without giving any sort of explanation for their behavior.

On a final note, Big Hit has demanded an apology from JTBC.

Stay tuned for updates!

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