Hidden Camera Clips Shared In Chatroom With BIGBANG SeungRi And Two Unnamed K-Pop Singers


After allegations of BIGBANG member SeungRi and two other unnamed K-Pop singers being participants of a chatroom where talks of soliciting prostitutes for a business investor were taking place, news agency SBS FunE has reported that there’s more to the story.

New conversation screen shots have been circulating online that show SeungRi and two unnamed K-Pop singers uploading clips from a hidden camera along with photos. The contents have not yet been disclosed to the public, but based on what the alleged conversation talks about, it involved a man and an intoxicated woman engaging in sexual activities.


Kim: *Uploads twenty second video clip*

SeungRi: Who is it? Ah, it’s ***** hyung. Lol

Kim: Lol. The girl is that one who **** talks a lot. *Uploads three photos*

Unnamed Singer: Haha.

The South Korean authorities have confirmed that the participants of the chatroom were SeungRi, the two unnamed K-Pop singers, two senior members of the company Yuri Holdings, an employee of an entertainment agency, and two additional unnamed people, making it a total of eight people in the chatroom.

Stay tuned for updates!