HIGHLIGHT JunHyung & Jung JoonYoung In SeungRi’s Chatroom Soliciting Prostitutes?

jung joonyoung yong junhyung

When news reports revealed that two unnamed K-Pop singers were also participants in a KakaoTalk chatroom with BIGBANG member SeungRi, sharing hidden camera footages of sexual intercourse and talking about soliciting prostitutes for business investors, it had everyone on their toes and wondering who they were.

After all, the issue at hand is a serious crime and if celebrities are involved, it really becomes quite terrifying to think that one of the people who we watch on TV are actually a part of this scandal.

According to SBS news, a chat conversation allegedly shows singer Jung JoonYoung bragging about the women he slept with, while also uploading short video clips of him engaging in sexual activities which he filmed without the consent of the women. In addition, reports say that there were several clips dating back to 2015, and there were a total of ten different women.


Jung JoonYoung: I slept with ***

Kim: Do you have a video clip?

Jung JoonYoung: *Uploads video*

seungri chatroom


Jung JoonYoung: We did it at a shopping center. I really am trash LOL.

Lee: Enjoy everything while you can.

Jung JoonYoung: I even got caught uploading the video. LOL

Yong: The girl caught you?

Jung JoonYoung: Yes. LOL. If I didn’t get caught uploading the video, I could have just pretended to date her and kept having sex with her.

Kim: LOL

Jung JoonYoung’s agency has released an official statement stating that Jung JoonYoung will address the issue once he returns to South Korea as he is currently in the United States.

And as for HIGHLIGHT member Yong JunHyung, things are still unclear. His agency released an official statement denying the accusations. However, netizens are highly suspicious and believe it is the HIGHLIGHT member as the family name Yong is quite rare in South Korea, and there are not many singers with the family name Yong.

Below is his agency’s statement.

“We have confirmation that the singer ‘Yong’ in the chatroom, is not Yong JunHyung and it is nothing but a groundless rumor.”

At the moment, SeungRi is the only celebrity member of the chatroom that has been officially confirmed to be a participant of the chatroom.

Stay tuned for updates!