Highly Expected Drama “Vagabond” Planned To Air In May Postponed To September

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This news might sadden many K-Drama fans!

“Vagabond”, the drama starring Lee SeungGi, Suzy, and Shin SungRok, that was planned to air in May is pushed to September. This drama is highly expected by many K-Drama lovers that have waited for a long time since the announcement of the drama. The drama not only has top stars as the lead but also 25 billion KRW or approximately 22 million USD of production cost.

On April 2, a said to Ilgan Sports that the delay of the broadcast is linked to the discussion with Netflix to have the drama air simultaneously (on SBS and Netflix). The drama unintentionally became a one year project.

The reading script session was held back in June 2018. The drama was first announced to air at the end of 2018, then it was postponed to May 2019 and now pushed to September and that is yet to be confirmed.

The drama is currently being filmed. There will be a period of deliberation with Netflix when the drama finished filming.

“Vagabond” tells the story of an ordinary man who got involved in a case of a civilian plane crash. In the middle of a hidden truth, he tries to dig up a huge national corruption. It is the story of vagabonds who lost their family, affiliation, and name in a frank and extremely dangerous adventure to discover the truth. For more information, you can check our cast and summary here.

The drama was planned to air after “Big Issue”. “Absolute Boyfriend” starring Yeo JinGoo, MiNah, and Hong JungHyun will instead take the following time slot.

Are you sad because of the delay?