HINAPIA Bada Will Never Be Roommates With EunWoo


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Ever met anyone who you just simply can’t and won’t be roommates with? Well HINAPIA members Bada and EunWoo are just like that.

It seems that the two idols are incompatible with each other as roommates, despite being good friends.

They recently appeared in an interview with TV Daily and revealed the reason why Bada and EunWoo  could never be roommates, and it has something to do with tidiness.

As you already may have guessed it, one of them is quite meticulous when it comes to cleaning their rooms and the other just doesn’t have any time to focus on keeping her room tidy.

According to KyungWon, Bada is the type of person who will instantly make her bed upon waking up.

However, the group revealed that it’s much different in the case of EunWoo. EunWoo didn’t quite understand why the group members were saying Bada and her couldn’t be roommates. Everyone then responded by telling her to think about how she maintains her room, to which she couldn’t help but burst out in laughter as well.

KyungWon stated that EunWoo’s room was quite a mess most of the time with makeup, cat toys, and towels all over the floor. Hence, this is the reason why Bada actually never goes in to EunWoo’s room.

You can check out the interview below!