HK-media Reports that Actress Cecilia Cheung Secretly Gave Birth to 3rd Son with Older Singaporean Billionaire Boyfriend


If someone had a really difficult last decade I think HK-actress Cecilia Cheung can be a contender. Since 2008 when the Edison Chen scandalous pictures shocker turned HK-ent upside down, Cecilia was hit the hardest because the most salacious and highest volume of pictures were of her when she was dating Edison. Plus she was by 2008 married to top actor and industry scion heir Nicholas Tze so the naked pics leaked at the worst time because it was the height of her career popularity and personal life stability. Since then she got divorced from Nicolas after having two sons together, and watched him reunited with his ex-girlfriend and supposed love of his life Faye Wong while she was living with the same of the pictures, growing older as an actress in a industry always having a fresh-faced 20 year old ingenue (herself being the IT girl at one point), and being a divorcee. Ten years later at the tail end of 2018, HK-ent is ablaze with reports that 38-year old Cecilia secretly gave birth last Sunday at a hospital in HK to her third son, this time with her Singaporean billionaire boyfriend who is 65 years old. If it’s true congrats to her and wowsers does she live a really cinematic life but I’m happy she appears to have found happiness again.