HNB Boys With Woo JinYoung And Park WooDam Confirmed To Debut As D1CE

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HNB boys that consist of Woo JinYoung, Kim HyunSoo, Park WooDam, Jeong YooJun and Jo YongGeun will finally be debuting through the name D1CE. For those who might recall, most of them had appeared on Mnet “Produce 101” Season 2 and JTBC “Mixnine”. Woo JinYoung also won the first place on “Mixnine”.

According to their agency, it was revealed that their name, D1CE, was decided after a poll done by their fans. ‘D1CE’ appeared to have won the highest number of votes. As such, these five boys will be debuting under the group name, D1CE.

‘D1CE’ was decided through the votes of 10,805 fans from 108 different countries. With the amount of love and attention they received from their fans, the boys felt that the name was even more meaningful.

D1 Company

Aside from the debut name, they also revealed that a new company, D1 Company, has been established to support their future music career and activities. Many fans are also curious as to what kind of concept and music they will be bringing to the table.

The company mentioned that “We are very thankful towards the fans who have been supporting the 5 boys constantly for a long time. We will return by repaying them with music and performances. Please show lots of love and care for D1CE in the future!”.

Are you excited for their debut?