Hotel Del Luna Breaks 12% Ratings in Satisfying Final Episode and Denies Planning Second Season


The best K-dramas are the ones with a well-told story and a satisfying ending. It has to have both and after finishing Hotel Del Luna this weekend I believe it achieves that mark and viewers agree, piling on the eyeballs for the final episode 16 to help it reach 12.001% ratings. The story was ultimately all about the ghostly management staff at the hotel and I cried for each of them, from the noble scholar turned bartender waiting to clear his name to the goofy student bellhop waiting for his sister to the heartbreaking housekeeping manager seeking waiting to see a family die out. IU‘s Man Wol already got her release two episodes back when she sent first love Chung Myung off to reincarnate so the final two episodes were about wrapping up all the other stories and did so marvelously. So happy the Hong Sisters can write cohesively once again! I never felt the shivery romance element between the OTP but I believed they loved each other, but more like Man Wol loved Yeon Woo I got the same vibe in her love for Chan Sung, committed but not electric. So I didn’t care if they got together in the end in some reincarnated or magical way, I thought the journey was complete when Chan Sung and Man Wol got to experience love together and do all the right things to help those around them. All in all, a wonderful drama and a total recommend from me!