Hotel Del Luna Premieres with Over 7% Ratings Beating Goblin and Arthdal Chronicles First Episodes


I’ve got a new crack drama and thy name is Hotel Del Luna. With tempered expectations I clicked watch on the first episode and finished over an hour later wondering where the time went having been riveted from the first scene to the last. I like IU and am just ok with Yeo Jin Gu so it wasn’t the leads that hooked me but the story (so creative and fun!) and directing (I can see everything and it’s so gorgeously presented!). Audiences in South Korea agree as the first episode notched an impressive 7.327% which was higher than the premiere of Goblin at 6.322% and Arthdal Chronicles with 6.729%. In fact Hotel bested last week’s season 2 final episode ratings of Arthdal which got 6.771%. Kim Eun Sook‘s Mr. Sunshine was the ratings winner on tvN with its premiere episode getting 8.852%. What’s most important is that Hotel Del Luna is an awesome drama right off the bat, I liked it even more than the first episode of the Hong Sisters last fantasy yarn Hwayugi (A Chinese Odyssey). It feels more fully formed in story and less a vehicle for top stars like Hwayugi. I can’t wait for more!!