Hotel Del Luna Stays Ratings High in Penultimate Week Episodes as Angst Ratchets Up


Sorry I haven’t written about Hotel Del Luna in depth for the last three weeks, I’ve been traveling and the drama did feel more like a case of the week type story in recent episodes. At least until this weekend’s episodes 13-14, which form the set up episodes leading into next weekend’s big finale and goodness I am so pumped up for it. I don’t know how it’s going to end, I have so many questions and excitement still, and really this drama turns a corner and milks my tears beautifully. Sure it’s still for Man Wol and Chung Myung, the romance that was thwarted over a thousand years ago by forces beyond their control, and I do appreciate that modern day Chan Sung is the person that will restart Man Wol’s emotional clock but goodness I just want her and poor baby Chung Myung to have a moment of happiness. The drama continues to do so well in ratings , it actually hit 10.407% last week with episode 12 and this weeks episodes brought in 8.750% and 9.995%. With the drama so close to the end I have my faith in the Hong Sisters to finally have a hit drama that also ends as satisfyingly as it began.