Hwang Hana Arrested For Drug Use & Reported To Have Frequently Visited Burning Sun


A woman named Hwang Hana, who is most well known for having dated former TVXQ member YooChun, was recently arrested.

According to reports from South Korean news agency Dispatch, she was taken in to police custody on April 4th, after it was revealed that she was a methamphetamine user.

However, Hwang Hana’s connection to drugs was no secret even in the past as there have been many statements from various s claiming that she was a methamphetamine user, and it was just a matter of whether the authorities were willing to actually do anything about it. Consequently, she has been under scrutiny by the South Korean public as many believe that she had police connections that allowed her to continue using the drugs while avoiding legal consequences.

News agency News Desk released a video clip of Hwang Hana saying:

“My uncle and dad knows everyone. They’re friends with the chief of police.”

News Desk

Hwang Hana’s troubles however doesn’t end just here.

Recent reports have also stated that she may have been involved in distributing explicit videos and even have ties to club Burning Sun. An anonymous claims to have received information regarding Hwang Hana distributing videos through KakaoTalk. In addition, other s say she frequented club Burning Sun in the past and was very well acquainted with the management of the club.