Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye Attend Drama Wrap with Cast for Rating Surging Memories of Alhambra


The latest episode 10 of Memories of Alhambra hit its highest ratings ever with 9.207% and its weekly buzz ratings also jumped to right below Sky Castle so it’s the perfect time for the cast to celebrate with the drama wrap party. The drama started filming in the summer with an extended location shoot in Spain covering scenes from the beginning of the drama and also scenes in episodes 9-10 (and maybe more) so this was a very large scale production. It shows onscreen with the beautiful visuals of Spain as the backdrop of the AR game and also with now the AR game CGI is seamlessly integrated. Male lead Hyun Bin hard carried the drama in the first few episodes as the story unfolded a tad slow on the substance but has kicked into narrative hyper speed in the last three episodes so now the story is also the central engine pushing the train forward. I love this drama soooooooo much and am so thankful my love for Binnie kept me following along until it all coalesced now.