Hyun Bin Delivers Another Winning Performance as Jerky Male Lead in Memories of Alhambra


I’ve followed Hyun Bin’s career for so long that I’m able to spot a pattern and his latest drama Memories of Alhambra continues the trend. Binnie hits rating success when he plays anti-heroes/unlikable jerky male leads. Take his career breakthrough Jin Heon in My Name is Kim Sam Soon, followed by Secret Garden‘s Kim Joo Won, and now Jin Woo in Memories – these are grade A jerks who the viewer grows to love because of their personalities flaws and limitations as Binnie makes the character feel fleshed out and capable of emotional growth. When he’s playing super nice guys like in Ireland, World’s Within, and Snow Queen, I do love those roles but it’s definitely not as popular with audiences. I mean, his Kang Kook in Ireland was a billion perfect and he still didn’t get the girl, so we’re left rooting for his arrogant jerks to get the girl and then become a nice guy, lol. That’s the trajectory of Memories and I’m rooting for Jin Woo all the way even though I totally think he got everything wrong that happened to him up until now due to his own doing.