Hyun Bin’s Masterful Performance is the Beating Real Heart of tvN AR Drama Memories of Alhambra


There is too much type and fancy new tech/fantasy in Memories of Alhambra that for many episodes it came across as too sleek with nothing hooking my emotions. Episode 6, and with smatterings across episode 5, flipped the switch for me thanks to Hyun Bin taking his performance up a notch. He’s still in charge Jin Woo as much as he can control but now his life and death are out of his control and it’s fascinating to watch him struggle. The drama feels like a meta game-in-game where all the characters around Jin Woo are just plot devices (i.e. NPC non-player characters) and we as the audience solely are playing/watching Jin Woo. That’s fine because his is a quest to right many wrongs and along the way regain his freedom/mortality because whether he intended to kill Hyung Seok doesn’t matter now, Hyung Seok now represents his chasing conscience with a trick sword that can actually take a life. It’s going to be fascinating to see how Jin Woo solves his own problems as he plays a mandatory game he cannot exit out of.