I.O.I Spokesperson Says Reunion & Comeback Is In The Works


While many South Korean netizens and fans initially thought that rumors of I.O.I making a surprise comeback and a reunion was just merely media play that was used to cover up scandals, they’ll be pleased to know that the current acting spokesperson of the group has revealed plans for a comeback.

The spokesperson stated:

“It is true that a reunion is currently in the works at the moment. All the parties involved are also discussing when to reveal the news officially as they adjust their schedules.”

Now fans may be wondering if Jeon SoMi, who is currently signed to YG Entertainment’s ‘THE BLACK LABEL’ as a solo artist or Yoo YeonJung would also be joining the rest of the group members. Unfortunately, the spokesperson has declined to comment on that matter, and everything at this point is still yet to be decided.

But the bottom line is that a reunion is currently being worked on and fans will soon be able to see their beloved group once more.

Hopefully, this isn’t just another media play, but only time will tell at this point.

Stay tuned for updates!