Idol Students Risk Their Future To Raise Awareness Of Sexual Harassment In SOPA

yang hyunsuk

The School of Performing Arts Seoul has been on the radar of netizens and K-Pop fans recently a lot for alleged sexual harassment and abuse of the students.

The institution is famous for training and educating aspiring K-Pop idols and have some notable alumni including ChengXiao and Park JiHoon.

Students of the school recently made a video clip that takes a stand against the alleged injustice that is currently taking place within the school. Mostly the higher ups within the administration have been accused so far, including the headmaster and his wife. Many students have come forth and stated that they would often be forced to perform at private events wearing revealing attire and sometimes even coerced into getting physical with some of the guests.

The headmaster has so far denied all requests for an interview, and the students have even been threatened with a lawsuit when they attempted to expose the perpetrators in the past.

In addition, a government petition that demands an investigation into the matter is currently accumulating a substantial amount of supporters as well.


You can check out the video clip below.