Idols Desperately Trying To Get Attention Of Their Fans Is Just Too Cute

bts jimin


K-Pop idols never cease to win the love and affection of their fans.

During fan meetings, there have been a few cute moments when they tried everything they can to get the attention of fans who showed up to see them.

You can check them out below!


JiMin (BTS)

The way he holds on to an ARMY’s t-shirt is adorable.

bts jimin




The ears are flapping quite fast in an attempt to get the attention of one fan.




V even does a count down letting the fan know that it’s now his turn to meet her. Five, four, three two, one.


MinHyuk (BTOB)

Watch MinHyuk take one fan by her hand.


Jun (A.C.E)

Jun gets quite creative with trying to get a fan to come over to him.