Idols Songs Composed By Idols From Different Groups

ikon bi blackpink


Some K-Pop idols are actually quite active songwriters, enabling them to participate in writing songs for other idol groups. And because they’re idols themselves, they know perfectly well just what will work and what won’t in the scene.

Below are a few songs of idol groups that have been partially written by idols in different K-Pop groups.


Trouble Maker – Trouble Maker (Co Written By EXID’s LE)


SE7EN – SOMEBODY ELSE  (Co-written By BIGBANG’s Taeyang)


I.O.I – DOWNPOUR (Co-written By SEVENTEEN’s Woozi)


UP10TION – Never Ending (Co-written By TEENTOP’s ChangJo)


LEE HI – Video (Co-written By iKON’s Bobby)


BLACKPINK – WHISTLE (Co-written By iKON’s B.I)


EXO – Playboy (Co-written by SHINee’s JongHyun)


Wanna One – Energetic (Written by PENTAGON’s Hui)


TWICE – Dance The Night Away (Co-written by WHEESUNG)