Im Soo-hyang receives, declines offer to star in MBN drama ‘Graceful Family’


Actress Im Soo-hyang has been offered a lead role in an upcoming MBN drama called Graceful Family.

There have been rumors that the actress has already been confirmed for the drama, but her agency FN Entertainment refuted the claim on April 8, saying, “It is true that Im Soo-hyang has been offered a role in Graceful Family, but it [her participation] is not confirmed yet.”

However, another from the agency commented that the actress had already decided not to appear in the drama and is now reviewing other projects.

Graceful Family is a drama about people in a team that manages “owner risk” stemming from illegal activities of a chaebol family that lead to nothing but negative consequences for the entire company. Im Soo-hyang was offered the role of Mo Seok-hee, the only daughter of a very rich family whose mother is murdered. She secretly goes after her mother’s killer and has lived abroad, but she returns to South Korea after 15 years to officially begin his investigation and research into the murder case.

Im Soo-hyang is best known for her role in My ID is Gangnam Beauty, a 2018 JTBC drama about a female college student who has undergone plastic surgery in an effort to recover her self-esteem after suffering from bullying in high school due to her “ugly” look. The actress previously appeared in Criminal MindsBlow Breeze, Five Enough and Inspiring Generation.

Graceful Family will be directed by PD Han Chul-soo and penned by screenwriter Kwon Min-soo. It is set to premiere in late 2019.

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