Informant Claims Yang HyunSuk Sends YG Artists To Japan To Wipe Traces Of Drugs

yang hyunsuk

According to South Korean news agency Money Today, an informant claims to have heard from YG Entertainment head Yang HyunSuk that YG artists are wiped clean of any traces of drugs by being sent to Japan.

Currently known as “A”, the informant has also claimed that Yang HyunSuk made threats, saying:

“I could easily make your life difficult and at a disadvantage.”

“Our artists can get tested for drugs right away, but they won’t test positive. We check regularly for drugs, and if they do test positive, we send them to Japan, where all traces can be wiped”

Money Today

In addition, the informant claims to have spilled the entire truth, admitting that marijuana was smoked together with former iKON member B.I, acquiring LSD on the rapper’s behalf, and etc. but no police investigations took place.

At the moment, the informant’s identity has not yet been confirmed, but various medias have been saying that it is a woman named Han SeoHee, the same person who was involved in the marijuana incident with BIGBANG member T.O.P.

Stay tuned for updates!