Informant Regarding Kim Lim & Burning Sun Wishes To Remain Anonymous Until He Is Inside His Grave

kim lim

SBS’s documentary and investigative show ‘The Its Know’ has recently been busy covering the scandal surrounding club Burning Sun and the night life business of South Korea, after former BIGBANG member SeungRi was the first to take the fall with accusations involving solicitation of prostitutes, tax evasion, and police collusion.

An informant shared some information about a new figure who has entered in to the game, suggesting that the recent scandal may not just be about crimes in South Korea, but possibly in China as well.

Socialite Kim Lim, the daughter of billionaire businessman Peter Lim, who owns a substantial share of professional football team Valencia, was mentioned during an interview with the informant.

The informant stated:

“She’s the real deal in Taiwan / Singapore. People aren’t even allowed to speak her name. Her husband? He’s basically the prime minister of the nation. She is a person of an extremely high profile. Such as the Triads. She’s able to even bring the boss to a club. Rumor has it that they are her family.”

The informant seemed to be in tremendous fear when speaking about Kim Lim and asked the producers of the show not to leak his identity until he is dead.

South Korean netizens are now currently suspecting that Burning Sun was a place used for money laundering by organized crime.

Kim Lim has denied her connection with SeungRi.  In addition, SeungRi has defended himself during the course of investigations and stated that he was not guilty of soliciting prostitutes, and his chat room messages were actually about finding suitable friends and company for Kim Lim during her visit to South Korea.


Below is Kim Lim’s statement of response to everything that has been happening.

“To clarify on Dec 9, 2015, I was in Korea with my friends from Singapore. We went to Club Arena… and Seungri arranged for a VIP table for our group.We partied by ourselves and left after. In no way were there other patrons or staff who accompanied our group. I certainly never asked for any ‘girls’ to party with me. This can be vouched for by the four people who were part of the group that night. I am embroiled in this matter simply because I happened to be there that night. I was simply at the wrong place and at the wrong time. Just to be clear, I had no inkling/idea of the alleged criminal activities going on in Burning Sun/Seungri’s businesses before this saga broke out. I’m not involved in any way whatsoever.”

Kim Lim has also added that legal action would be taken if defamation of her character is discovered.

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