Insider Claims JYP Entertainment Intends To Shut Down Acting Branch To Allocate All Manpower In To TWICE, GOT7, & ITZY

jyp entertainment

Reports from various South Korean news agencies have recently been saying that JYP Entertainment is currently in the process of shutting down the acting branch of their agency.

Although nothing has been confirmed officially by JYP Entertainment, many people are speculating that this might happen in efforts to focus exclusively on their idol groups TWICE, GOT7, and ITZY.

According to a few insiders, JYP Entertainment is currently in the process of figuring out how to shut down their acting branch as they would have to consider reassigning employees and perhaps in unfortunate cases, possibly laying some off as well.

This has naturally caught the attention of management companies that work in the film industry as they may be able to bring in some of the actors and actresses under JYP should the acting branch actually be shut down.

At the moment, JYP Entertainment has only revealed that they are looking at things from multiple angles, meaning they have not made their final decision regarding the recent tipoff from insiders.

Stay tuned for updates!