Intense stares, budding love triangle in new stills from Netflix’s ‘Love Alarm’


Netflix’s Love Alarm released new still images of leads Kim So-hyun, Song Kang, and Jung Ga-ram in the run-up to its premiere on August 22.

The teen romance drama revolves around three high school students as they navigate a love triangle and live in a world where a mobile application called Love Alarm has changed the way people express their romantic feelings. The app sends an alert to its users when someone who likes them is within a 10-meter radius.

The stills feature each of the main characters and give a glimpse into their interaction with one another. The first image below shows Song Kang and Kim So-hyun facing each other while staring at their phones, with Jung Ga-ram looking at them from afar.

In the second image, Kim So-hyun (Radio Romance)—who plays Kim Jo-jo, a cheerful girl with a painful past—is shown looking distressed and deep in thought. The next one feature a friendly interaction between Song Kang and Jung Ga-ram, whose characters both attend the same school as Jo-jo and have fallen in love with her.

Song Kang (When The Devil Calls Your Name) and Jung Ga-ram (Mistress) play childhood best friends Hwang Sun-oh and Lee Hye-yeong, respectively. As is evident from the still above, the two share a deep friendship which stands to be tested when they realize that they like the same girl at school. While Sun-oh comes from a wealthy family and is popular among his schoolmates, his parents are not always around to give him the attention he needs—something he shares in common with Jo-jo, an orphan who lives with her aunt. Song Kang is shown in the following stills turning serious as he faces Kim So-hyun.

Hye-yeong, on the other hand, is an ordinary guy who started having a crush on Jo-jo before Sun-oh did. Based on Love Alarm‘s official trailer, he seems skeptical of the app and prefers to express his emotions the ordinary way. Jung Ga-ram is shown in the last still entering what seems to be an infirmary with Kim So-hyun.

Love Alarm is the third original Netflix Korean drama, following My First First Love and Kingdom. It is generating buzz among Korean drama fans because of its unique concept that explores the effect of technology on the love lives of teenagers. The series will be available for streaming starting August 22.

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