Investigation Reports 8 Women Who Were At SeungRi’s Birthday Party Were Actually Prostitutes


Remember the lavish birthday party former BIGBANG member SeungRi held a few years back in Palawan, Philippines?

Well the eight female adult entertainment workers that were one of the most talked about parts of the party might not have been just workers but in fact, prostitutes. Recent police investigations have revealed that the eight women have all testified and stated that they participated in prostitution at the party.

The South Korean police released a statement saying that they were able to secure statements from all eight of the women, suggesting that there is enough proof to have SeungRi charged for soliciting prostitutes.

However, SeungRi’s legal representative has continued to deny that he engaged in such actions.

SeungRi’s birthday party in Palawan made headlines a few times before in the past, as the entire party cost a little over half a million dollars with a few people who allegedly have ties to club Burning Sun that were present during the time.

South Korean media has suspected that the reason why SeungRi paid for the flight expenses of all eight women to his birthday party was so that he could use them to influence new potential investors while also maintaining old investors as well.


Investigations regarding SeungRi are currently still ongoing.

Stay tuned for updates!