Is Robert Holley Being Framed? Friend Says So But Investigation Reports Show Different Story

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Robert Holley, a naturalized South Korean lawyer and TV personality was recently arrested for the use of meth.

According to various news reports, he was arrested in a parking lot while making a drug deal.

For those that may be unfamiliar with who Robert Holley is, his Wikipedia profile states:

“Holley first came to South Korea in 1978 as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, remaining there for two years. He returned to the country in 1982 to study at Yonsei University, and after graduating from West Virginia Universityin 1987 with a law degree, began pursuing a legal career in South Korea.[1] He founded the Kwangju Foreign School in 1996.[4]He began his rise to television stardom in the early 2000s, becoming well known for his spoken Korean which showed heavy influence from the Gyeongsang dialect spoken in his adopted hometown of Busan.”

At the moment, his friend Mark Peterson, an honorary professor of Brigham Young University has defended Holley, saying that the South Korean police have been harassing him for a year and were unable to find any evidence of him using meth. Which is why Peterson is currently claiming that Holley has been framed.


According to police reports, Holley was investigated by the South Korean police a few times in the past, one that dates back to July 2017, and another that dates back to March 2018. The reason why Holley became a suspect was because someone else had been arrested and testified that Holley used methamphetamine. However, the police were unable to tie Holley directly to any drug use, as reports showed that he shaved his head and dyed his hair every time he was brought in to be tested for drug use, suggesting he intentionally used these methods to hide his alleged drug use.

However, this time around, his urine tested positive for meth use, and Holley himself has admitted to the use of the drug.

At the moment, rumors of Robert Holley living a double life of promoting a wholesome family environment with his wife and son on TV appearances while secretly having homosexual relationships with young men that he met up with in bars in Itaewon have been circulating online as there was even a news article about it nine years ago.

In addition, there has been another rumor that Holley was covering for his son and was taking the fall, which his wife has been firmly denying.

robert holley


robert holley


The South Korean police are currently also investigating in to the methods in which how Robert Holley was able to purchase and obtain drugs.

Stay tuned for updates!