It’s Not Just ‘Produce X 101’ But All 4 Seasons Of ‘Produce 101’ Under Investigation For Suspected Rigged Votes

produce 101

It may have started with ‘Produce X 101’, when viewers accused the show of rigging votes, but it also turns out that recent investigations in to the matter are looking in to all four seasons of ‘Produce 101’.

Previous reports have claimed that ‘Produce 48’ was also allegedly rigged.

But if such really is the case, then it would make sense for the authorities to question whether the previous seasons too were manipulated as well.

South Korean news agency Newsen  reported that Mnet has also conducted their own investigations but have stated that there is a limit to the evidence that can be collected to prove or disprove whether an actual vote rigging process actually took place.

During a search and seizure that took place at the CJ E&M headquarters not too long ago, reports claimed that authorities discovered audio files that directly mentioned the process of vote rigging on employees’ phones.

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