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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” is the hot popular drama of the moment across the globe. The drama is available on Netflix accessible in 190 countries.

The drama is not only popular in Asia but in other regions of the world. Looking at the data provided by Flixpatrol, the drama has entered the top 10 most popular TV shows in numerous countries [the top 10 of daily popular content on Netflix platform (different for each country)].

Having a look at the data of the two days matching the release of the most recent episodes (July 26 and July 27,) the show entered a lot of top 10. Only the highest rank out of these two days was selected below.


Russia – 10th

Japan – 2nd

Korea – 1st

Taiwan – 1st

The Philippines – 1st

Thailand – 1st

Vietnam – 1st

Malaysia – 1st

Hong Kong – 1st

Singapore – 1st

India – 4th



Australia – 7th

New Zealand – 8th



Nigeria – 3rd


South America

Bolivia – 9th

Brazil – 8th

Ecuador – 9th

Peru – 6th

Chile – 7th

Paraguay – 8th


Central America & Caribbean Region

Costa Rica – 10th

Dominican Republic – 7th

Panama – 7th

Nicaragua – 4th

Honduras – 6th

Mexico – 8th


North America

Canada – 8th


The drama did not make it in Europe’s top 10 unless you consider Russia as part of Europe since the country is part of Europe and Asia. Middle East countries also were absent from the list (note that “The King: Eternal Monarch” was 10th in Saudia Arabia on July 23).

You can check the whole data below.




On July 29, the drama was ranked top 8 worldwide on Netflix.


The drama is receiving a lot of love around the world.

Is “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” in the top 10 of your country?