IU Had To Beat Herself To Win 1st Place On Music Bank



While most K-Pop groups and singers normally would have to compete against other people, for IU, it seems that the only person who is even in the same league to compete is just herself.

And it is undeniable just how talented she is. She’s written hit after hits and is arguably K-Pop’s most talented singer-songwriter ever.

During a recent episode of KBS’s ‘Music Bank’, two of IU’s songs were nominated for the 1st place win. They were ‘Love Poem’ and ‘Blueming’, two tracks you really should check out if you haven’t yet.

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So which one of the two ended up getting the first place win?

‘Love Poem’ ended up on top with a total of 8329 points.

iu music bank


This really just shows how IU’s talent and popularity enables her to dominate the charts that she literally has no one to compete against her when she’s at her best.

Congratulations to IU!